Awake, Not Woke.

Christianity, Religion

“Besides this you know the time, that the hour has come for you to wake from sleep…The night is far gone; the day is at hand. So then let us cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light.” Romans 13:11-12

The Apostle Paul focuses his attention in Romans 13 to one subject: how to live as a Christian amid a non-Christian culture. For Paul, the solution was simple—the Christian must be better than everyone else. Not better in the sense of being superior to others; rather being better in that the Christian is going to hold his or herself to a higher standard. The Christian is going to strive to live a life of higher quality, and in doing so, is going to be the model citizen and neighbor.  Paul’s rationale makes sense; after all, Christians should live differently because they are reflecting the change Christ has made in them. 

Paul goes to great lengths to underline the importance of the fact that believers have been changed by Christ. No longer are they sinners lost in the darkness of the night of their sinful stupor; they have now been awakened by Christ. The awakened soul of the believer is cleansed and regenerated. The believer no longer lives in the night as they did when they were sinners, but now lives in the light of the day. Just as one sheds their night clothes before they start the day; the new believer sheds the clothes of their sinfulness and clothes themselves with the armor of Christ.

Paul makes it as clear as he possibly can. Previously we were sinners. We lived in the night. We were so lost in the night that we were lulled to sleep by our sins. Everything about us was darkness. But Christ came, bright as the morning sun, and brought light to us. He awakened us from our spiritual slumber. He forced the night to flee from us. He changed us. Now that we are awake, we must go into the world—clothed in His glittering armor—and help spread that light.  We live humbly and peacefully with those around us, and we boldly preach His Gospel. We tell others how to come into the light by believing in the Son of God, who died to set all men free from slavery to sin.  We preach no other gospel than Christ crucified and resurrected, for there is no other gospel which can save souls.

Today there is a lot of conversation about being “woke,” meaning being aware of social ills and injustices, and working to correct them. The problem, however, with being “woke” is this: for many involved in such movements, there is a denial of universal truth—there is no Truth that is undeniably constant across time or from group to group. Instead, truth is subjective and relative to one’s experiences and interpretation. Therefore, people who are “woke” and fighting on the same side on one battle might find themselves fighting against one another in another battle, because their truth is not set in stone. Since there is no absolute Truth, there can also be no definitive answers to the problems which plague society. When there is no Truth, everything is true. When everything is true, nothing is true.

As Christians, we must remember that we are awake and not “woke.” We have the universal Truth: that man is fundamentally flawed and fallen and sinful, and that the Son of God—Jesus Christ—came to Earth to save us from sin. As His followers, we must work to make the world a better place and to fight against any of the social injustices that we see—we do this because it is the consistent application and outpouring of our belief in Him; this is part of spreading the light. This is part of living the type of life Paul urges us to live.  But we cannot let the Gospel become subservient to any sort of social gospel; this is idolatry. Any message that diminishes or seeks to take precedence to the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a false doctrine.

Anyone can be “woke,” but only someone filled by Christ with the Holy Spirit can be awake. Only Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit can change the hearts of men and women and cause real change to take place in this world.

We are called to preach and teach Christ crucified and resurrected, and to reflect Him in all we do. This is our duty–nothing more, but absolutely not anything less.

Artwork: “Wake. Up. Now.” Esperanza J. Creeger

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