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“I have said to Yahweh, “You are my Lord; I have nothing good besides you.”” Psalm 16:2.

The Davidic psalm that this line comes from is often entitled “Confidence in the Lord,” and it aptly describes many of the comforts experienced by those who follow God. In this psalm, David once again pours out his heart and soul to God in song, expressing the joy that God and His love bring to him. David speaks of the refuge that God provides–this is a motif that pops up time and again in Psalms–his delight in worshipping God, and his urgent desire to do all he can to fully experience everything that a relationship with God has to offer.

David also spells out one fundamental truth in this particular psalm: without God, we have nothing. It is He who protects us and delivers us; it is He who sustains us in times of trial and hardship; it is He who comforts us when sorrow and grief visit us; it is He who increases our joy and happiness in times of celebration; it is He who gives us peace and comfort and rest when we need it. Without God, we truly have nothing; a life without God would be bleak and grim at best and, at the very least, unbearable.

In God, we have more than we can ever need. We shall never lack nor shall we ever be alone. Though hardships, trials, grief, and sorrow will inevitably befall us at some point or another, we shall be sustained through these times by God. He will always provide, always protect, always deliver, and will always care.

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