See The Face of God.

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“For the Lord is righteous; He loves righteous deeds. The upright will see His face.” Psalm 11:7.

God’s righteousness and holiness are reoccurring themes throughout the book of Psalms. David, author of many of the songs and poems contained in Psalms, wrote frequently and eloquently on these topics, as well as God’s perfection and of the awe that God inspires in man.  David also  often wrote poetically of God’s support and the protection of those who seek after Him and His righteousness.

Psalm 11 is attributed to David and it has his literary fingerprints all over it. He begins the psalm writing of the refuge that the believer finds in God, and the comfort that believers have in knowing that God is with them and that He knows everything that is going on. “His eyes watch,” wrote David. From His throne in Heaven, God watches all, protects the believers, and sustains them through  their lives. David reminds us all that God is in control of everything that happens in the world.

David concludes his song, as that what the psalms are, with a beautiful and poetic line, “The Lord is righteous, He loves righteous deeds. The upright will see His face.” These poetic lines contain deep Biblical truth: those that seek after God and seek His will shall see His face. God reveals Himself to those who seek to draw near to Him. He draws near to us when we seek to do His will. When we seek to live according to His standards and we put Him first in our lives, we experience the joy and comfort of His blessings. One day, either in death or in the return of the Messiah, those who sought after God–the upright–shall see His face when united with Him in His Kingdom.

Take David’s word to heart: Live uprightly; do God’s will, seek to see His face.

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