Beginnings and Endings

Christianity, Religion

“I declare the end from the beginning…My plan will take place, and I will do all my will.” Isaiah 46:10.

During this time of year much focus is given to the joy and opportunity presented to us by the dawning of a new year. We often think and hope of all the things we desire the new year to hold for us, and we look forward to a break from the trials and hardships of the previous year. A great deal of hope is attached to the new year; a hope that the future will be better than that which we’ve already endured.

Isaiah’s prophetic words help us to focus our perspective and to remember who is control of everything that goes on in the world. God speaks through Isaiah to remind His people of His sovereignty and that He will accomplish what He desires. Though it seems that the world is overrun with sin and wickedness, God is in control. Though the people of Israel were turning their backs upon God, and God was giving them warnings of coming judgement and chastisement, God reminds the faithful remnant that He is in control of all things and He will be with them through everything.

Nothing will keep God from carrying out His will. In God’s schedule, there are no breaks, no changes of the calendar, nothing but continuity and His never-changing presence. In the new year, seek after God and He will draw close to you. Find peace in His presence and rest in the comfort of His grace and love.

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