Thus it begins

Christianity, Religion

“Today the Savior, who is the Messiah, the Lord, was born for you in the City of David.” Luke 2:11.

Today we celebrate the birth of Christ and the hope that He brings to us. Some two thousand years ago, His birth went unnoticed by the elite and those in power; yet it was boldly proclaimed by the heavenly host to those who were weary, downtrodden, oppressed, and forgotten.  Christ brings hope to the hopeless, and so much more.

Christ’s birth signaled the beginning of the end of sin’s reign over man and man’s separation from God. This momentous occasion, overlooked by the masses, proclaimed to those without a voice, announced the implementation of God’s plan of salvation for mankind. This young babe, born in a manger in Bethlehem, would grow up and die for the sins of the world, and bring reunification with God to humanity. Through Christ’s death, we would have hope for the future, a purpose to live, and comfort in times of trial.

The child born in Bethlehem was sent to die for the sins of all mankind. Christ grew up and lived a sinless life and willingly laid down His life so that all those who believe in Him might live eternally with God. The end was nigh for sin and strife. The Messiah had arrived, and would begin to make all things right.

Remember those who are suffering and in pain today. Remember those who lack and are in need. Pray for them, comfort them, meet their needs.

Remember Christ brought hope and salvation to all, and that today marks the beginning of the road to Calvary.

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