The Real War on Christmas


“King Solomon surpassed all the kings of the world in riches and wisdom…his heart was not completely with the Lord his God, as his father David’s  had been.” 1 Kings 10:23;11:4.

In recent years, many evangelicals cry out about a supposed “War on Christmas” being perpetrated by the media and businesses. Everything from Starbucks’ plain red cups to the use of the term “Happy Holidays” is cited as an attack on Christmas and sign of the degradation of western culture and society. Yet, while these same people snivel over trivial and insignificant suspected jabs, they actively participate in the real War on Christmas: the commercialization of the holiday.

In our capitalistic society, money and greed rule the day. The sole purpose of capitalism to make more money and to control the means of production in order keep costs low and profits high. The money that people in the Western world shovel out to retailers and other stores all in the “name of Christmas” lines the pockets of big business and helps to make corporate CEOs richer, while the poor wage slaves who work in the stores at hourly rates struggle to get by at, or maybe slightly above, the minimum wage.

God is not opposed to people being successful, but He is against the pursuit of material goods and money. Solomon was touted as being the wisest man who ever lived. He was the son of King David, a man who enjoyed a relationship with God that few else have ever experienced. Solomon was also loved by God, and Solomon accomplished many things during his reign over Israel, the most important accomplishment being the construction of the Temple in Jerusalem. Despite all of Solomon’s success, and his godly pedigree, he too fell victim to materialism. His heart strayed away from God as he focused on acquiring more and more wealth. 1 Kings makes it clear that this love of material goods is directly associated with Solomon’s turning away from God. The wisest man in all of history forsook his god for the pursuit of wealth. God does not tolerate such slights; 1 Kings 11:9 make this very clear, “The Lord was angry with Solomon because he is heart had turned away from the Lord God of Israel.” Solomon would live out the rest of his days as a bitter and calloused old man, given over to his own depravities.

The real War on Christmas has been waged and won by the capitalists and corporations years ago, and we are still capitulating to their terms of surrender to this day. We are active participants in their quest to acquire more and more wealth, and we forsake those around us in need. Shopping malls and retail stores are filled daily while churches have empty pews and shelters and soup kitchens lack volunteers to aid the less fortunate. We forget that Christ was born in a stable because His family could not gain access to shelter. Christ’s birth would be just as unnoticed by today’s society as it was in His society.

Many people stand in line to get into stores and to see Santa. Few stand before Christ in the manger. Fewer still will stand with Him at the cross.

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