Memorial Day.


Today in the United States, we celebrate Memorial Day. For many, Memorial Day marks the beginning of the summer, which involves vacationing, cooking-out, and other outdoor festivities. However, Memorial Day is a much more serious holiday than simply marking the start of summer.

On Memorial Day, we reflect on the sacrifices of many brave men and women who died in the service of our country. The freedoms that America gained after our independence from Britain has been preserved throughout countless conflicts because of the willingness of men and women to step up and fight to protect their homes, families, and neighbors, and to protect the rights that we in this country enjoy. Many brave men and women answered their nation’s call to service, and many gave their lives in that service. It is with a somber attitude that we remember those who died on this Memorial Day.

However, as followers of Christ, every day is Memorial Day. Once a year we reflect on the sacrifice that many people made to keep us free, but we should reflect daily on the sacrifice that Jesus made to make us free from sin. He died so that we may be made clean. He died to redeem us from the bondage and captivity we were in. He died to pay the price of our sins, so that we can live eternally. Being made free from sin, is much greater than any of the freedoms granted to us by our Constitution.

Not only did Christ die to make us free from sin, He came back from the grave to defeat death once and for all. We have nothing to fear in death, only the kingdom of Heaven to look forward to. Christ is alive today, and we must give Him the glory and respect He deserves. We must do this every day, not just on Sunday, or at Easter. We must daily remember the sacrifice that Christ made for us out of His infinite love for us. At the end of the day, our country of origin or national allegiance does not matter; that will not get us into Heaven. All of mankind is guilty of sin and separated from God. It is only through Christ’s death and resurrection that we are redeemed. His sacrifice–for ALL of mankind– is the one that should matter most to us, for His is the only one that saves us.

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