“The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer, my God, my mountain where I seek refuge, my shield and the strength of my salvation, my stronghold.” Psalm 18:2.

When David was a young man, he was picked by God to be the King of Israel. Though this was a great thing for David, there was a significant problem–Israel already had a king, Saul. However, Saul was not the king that God wanted for Israel; Saul was the man that the people had picked. They picked Saul because he was tall and good-looking and was a brave warrior. In other words, he looked like the kind of man that would make a good king. But Saul’s heart was not with God. David, on the other hand, was picked by God because his heart was with God, and God knew that David would always serve Him.

For years after David was selected to be the next king, Saul had a great deal of animosity towards David. So much so, that he chased David all around Israel trying to kill him. David was a refugee in his own country, never safe in the same place for any length of time. He had to hide in caves, stay distanced from his family and friends, and at one point, David acted like he was insane so that the king of a neighboring kingdom would give him sanctuary. This went on for some time until, finally, Saul made peace with David. Shortly thereafter, Saul died in battle. David was finally safe.

David penned this psalm shortly after he and Saul made peace. Though he had been on the run for so long, and was really never safe anywhere he went during that time, David knew that God would protect him. He knew he could depend on God to keep him safe. During his darkest days, David knew that God would deliver him from Saul.  God was his sanctuary, his safe place, his fortress. As long as David trusted in God, God’s defense of David would be more impenetrable than even the strongest mountain-top fortress. David knew he had nothing to fear.

The same is true for us with Christ. We endure trials just as David did, and we must follow his example and keep our faith firmly rooted in God. God will be our strength and our fortress, we need only to have faith in Him. Though the ordeals we face may be increasingly difficult, and we may even be hurt at times, God will not allow our enemies to overcome us, nor will He allow our troubles to swallow us up. Wherever we go, Christ is with us. He gives us refuge and solace. He is the strength of our salvation. He is our stronghold and He will always deliver us, and as long as we stay faithful to him, we are as safe in the face of our enemies as we are in bed.

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