Internal Conflict.

Christianity, Religion

“I do not understand myself; I do not understand my own actions. I do not do the things I want, instead I do the very things I hate.” Romans 7:15.

Sin makes our lives overwhelmingly complicated. Every day we feel the battle that rages within us: the struggle between our fleshly desires and our desires to seek the things of God. Though we desire to be righteous, we may find ourselves, at times, stumbling headfirst into sin. Why do we do this? Why is sin still so appealing to us, even though we know there is no pleasure to be found in it? How can we seek to serve God, and still feel such a strong desire for sin?

Fear not, for we are in good company. The apostle Paul writes to the church in Rome that, at times he doesn’t even know why he acts the way he does. How often are we baffled by our own actions? More than likely, quite often.  There are two forces at work in the spirit of man; the first is our sinful nature, bestowed upon us at the time of the fall of man. Because of this sinful nature, mankind is always inclined to sin. Left to our own devices, this sinful nature would destroy us. The sinful nature of man forces man to seek pleasure and self-gratification above all else, no matter what the cost may be.

But, there is another force at work within us, and that is the spirit of God. When we are called by God to be His children, we are given a new spirit, one that has not been soiled or tainted by sin. It is this spirit that seeks to serve God and to please Him.

These two spirits are constantly at war within us, one trying to dominate the other. But ours is a journey of spiritual growth, not spiritual perfection. We will never be perfect. We will sin. There will be times when we do the things we hate instead of the things we know we should do. Try as we might to continually subdue our sinful nature, there will be times when it gets the better of us. But, thanks be to God that we are forgiven of our sins, and that Christ will always pick us up and set us back on the right path.

Do not try to fight this battle alone; Christ is on your side. Always look to Him for guidance and direction. He overcame every sin and temptation this world could hurl at Him. He will give you the strength to overcome the fleshly desires of this world, but more importantly, He will forgive you when you stumble and fall.

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