A Clean Slate.

Christianity, Religion

“I will forgive their wrongdoing and never again remember their sin.” Jeremiah 31:34.

These words were spoke by God to the prophet Jeremiah. God is describing the new covenant He will be making with the world, a covenant that will be established with the arrival of the Messiah. Those who turn their faith to God will become His people and will enjoy a renewed relationship with Him. Furthermore, those who believe in God will have all their sins forgiven, and God goes on to say that He will forget their sins forever.

Jeremiah received these words from God roughly 600 years before the birth of Christ.

God has sent the Messiah and the offer He explained to Jeremiah so long ago is still on the table today. The only way we can receive the forgiveness of sins that God spoke of is to accept and believe in the sacrifice that Christ made on the cross, that Christ died to cleanse us of our sins. If we do this, God will forgive and forget all our sin, and we will be given a clean slate. There is no sin so terrible or heinous that God will not forgive it. Though we may have sinned greatly, He is ready and willing to take away all the guilt that we are burdened with as result of our sinful behavior. Once God Forgives us, our pasts no longer matter–that is all ancient history. All God asks in return is that we devote our lives to Him. After He has done so much for us, how could we not do that for Him?

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