God is in Control.

Christianity, Religion

“He will not allow your foot to slip; your Protector will not slumber. Indeed, the Protector of Israel does not slumber or sleep.” Psalm 121:3-4.

How reassuring it is to know that God is always attentive to us! There is never a moment in time that God is not paying close attention to those who love and serve Him. God is never caught off-guard or taken by surprise, which is a wonderful to know because there are many times in life in which we are completely taken aback by the events that unfold around us. Though we may be caught by surprise by the twists and turns of our lives, God is not. He is always there by our side and is seeing us through every trial and ordeal we face. He knows every situation that we will ever experience, and He is continually preparing us for these events. We will never encounter a situation that God has not yet prepared us for. Even though we may feel completely alone at times, God is there with us. He is always ready for us to call upon Him. All we have to do have faith and trust in Him.

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