Be still.


“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10.

This verse is so simple that we fail to grasp its depth. God quite simply commands us to be still, to take a step back from the hectic nature of life, and to enjoy a moment of solitude in His divine presence. How plainly beautiful this command is, and yet how challenging it is for us to follow. With our lives growing more complicated and more fast-paced with each passing day, how often to we find the opportunity to do just what God tells us to do in this verse? Instead, we continually keep ourselves busy from the time we wake up until the time we are able to go back to sleep. We choose to spend what little free time we have doing things that make us feel good and seek only to please ourselves. We do not seek to commune with the Almighty God who so desires a relationship with us that He quite simply asks us to spend time in His presence. As result of our fast-paced lifestyle, we find ourselves, more often than not, being completely burnt out and exhausted. What is the cure for this? God gives it to us in Psalm 46, we just need to follow his prescription. Make time for God. He’s got time for you.

Take the time today to find a quite spot to sit down and pray, then enjoy the physical and spiritual regeneration that you will receive from communing with God.

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